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Trane I and Trane II

Air Flow Dynamics

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Trane I

Nate Certified

RSI Graduate 


Charlene G., Las Vegas NV, January 3, 2017

I have a rental in Arizona but live in another state.  Bumble Bee Air Conditioning was one of three quotes that I got to replace the A/C unit.  All three trades responded immediately but the reasons I went with Bumble Bee Air Conditioning are:  1) their thoroughness in their quote 2) competitive pricing on the specific unit they quoted me, and 3) their friendliness and courteous correspondence.  They arranged an appointment with my tenant and everything went as smoothly as possible.  I highly recommend this company.  I believe them to be fair and reasonable beyond a doubt.  I don't give out many reviews but was happy to do this one. 

Justin M., Phoenix AZ, September 17, 2014

Air went out at my house which is an emergency in Phx even in September. I couldn't get any of the bigger places to come out until Monday. Being it was Wednesday, that was not acceptable.  I happen to notice Bumble Bee and the great reviews they have.  Gave them a "buzz" and within a few hours they were able to get a tech over to look at it.  The lady who set up my appt was very polite and helpful.  The tech who came was Bronson.

Very polite young man who not only fixed my issue but he showed me exactly what it was and how small the problem was. He could of easily tried to take me to the cleaners like others do. He was honest and had great communication skills. Not everyday you find that with guys showing up to your home to fix things.  I believe this is a smaller family owned business which is always better in my opinion.  

Next time my air goes out they will be the first people to call. Thanks a lot for your excellent service.

Mike Y., Phoenix, AZ, September 10, 2016

I was having issues with water coming out of the AC improperly. After looking at the reviews on Yelp, I gave this local Tempe company a shot and boy, I am glad I did. After speaking to Lisa on the phone she had someone over to my house the next morning.

The Tech showed up on time and was an overall nice guy. He diagnosed my problem pretty quickly and was done before I knew it.

My only charge was for the service call (which was very responsible) for about 40-50 min of work. I highly recommend this local company and will not hesitate to call them again if needed! 

Bob B., Tempe AZ, May 14, 2014

Original Symptom: water dripping from attic, a/c coils frozen, unit almost 15  years old

I called Bumble Bee after I dealt with two companies from personal referrals. (I think personal referrals are not necessarily better or even as good as those coming in from a Yelp-type thing. I could be wrong but I've gotten the sense the "personally referred provider" may offer less value when they think they have you through a personal connection.)  

Anyway, I had two personals and was about to go with the second one when I remembered Yelp. I found Bumble Bee with several stars and called them in order to gain some knowledge so I could increase my negotiating leverage with my personally referred provider. However, after I spoke to Bumble Bee, I realized my referral was not going to  provide me value.So I started to compare:  My  referred provider wanted to give me inferior MFG'd equipment and just replace the coil and have me keep my old furnace,("Hey, it's still working", I was told), whereas, Bumblebee offered a better MFGer,(Trane) and included a new furnace for a better overall price. After speaking to Bumblebee, I did make other yelp connects (all duds) and ended up going with Bumble Bee . That's half the story.

The rest is that I received a fast, first visit and quote (same day in my case). Then they scheduled me for an installation two days later. They handled the installation without a hitch including the crane requirement. The minor wall board repair and other finish work was to a tee.

Bravo, job well done!